To make sure your computer safe from Ransomware, please go on this link and follow the instruction from Eset Endpoint Security.
We would like to say thank for your support for IT Directorate Team during immunization process of UPH computer devices (May 15-16, 2017). We have not found Malware (Ransomeware WannaCry) in UPH, but only a few Trojans. With this good results, at May 16, 2017 we have opened all access to local server and internet, both for LAN and WIFI network. All lectures and administrative activities are expected to run normally.
We are informed that Malware deployment can still enter the UPH network, for example via Flash Disk or student computer. Therefore, if you found symptoms of Malware on your computer, please immediately contact the Service Desk ITD.
Some tips to do safe protection on each device, such as :
1. Backup data on Cloud Storage (One Drive), Flash Disk, External HD, and more
2. Always turn off the computer after leaving the office
3. Change the password periodically
4. Not executing links/attachments in emails/websites that are considered suspicious
Some steps to prevent the spread of Malware into your devices :
1. Make sure the Windows OS is updated (Steps to check : Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update)
2. Make sure the automatic update & scan antivirus ESET Endpoint Security run continously
3. Make sure the ESET antivirus scan process Endpoint Security is always done
For your reference, please see the official Press Release of KEMENKOMINFO No. 56/HM/KOMINFO/05/2017 about "Antisipasi Terhadap Ancaman Malware Ransomware Jenis WannaCRY".
Contact :
Service Desk
Information Technology Directorate
Universitas Pelita Harapan, Building A, 8th Floor
Phone : +62 21 5460901 (ext 1888)