UPH IT Policy for IT Directorate: Room Access Policy

This policy states things which must be obeyed and to be the guidelines to enter a room under ITD UPH’s control. All guests who enter a room must schedule an appointment in advance (except in emergency situation), fill out a guestbook and state the purpose of the visit, whose appointment with and use a visitor nametag.


a. Data Center Room

  1. Doors must always be in a locked condition. Every worker is to enter using their own smartcard.
  2. Each guest to enter the data center room must have a clear purpose and use a nametag which can be issued by CISD and must be supervised or accompanied by operator on duty.
  3. The maximum number of guests at any one time is in accord with the room space capacity.
  4. Keys to the server cabinets are stored by ISD Manager and only authorized ITD personnel can access the room.


b. Room For Data Center Operator
     The door must always be in a locked condition and protected by an access door. Beside the operator, a guest must have permission from Data Center Section Head.

     It is to be arranged that the guests’ visits are scheduled in the logbook to prevent schedule conflict with others.


c. Supporting Infrastructure Room (UPS, Switches, etc)
     1. Doors must always be in a locked condition.
     2. Keys are stored by ITD Director or are stored by a trusted individual by making a letter of authorization.
     3. Spare key held by certain people who authorized.
     4. Those who can access the room are the ones that work in the particular room and also authorized users.
     5. It is restricted to modify, renovate, move, or do reckless actions which can damage or endanger the infrastructure without permission from ISD Manager.
     6. To enter the room, guests must have a clear purpose, get clearance and accompanied by operator on duty.
     7. Other Rooms
         To use other rooms, one must have permission from manager or ITD director which abides to visitors’ policy.