UPH IT Policy for IT Directorate: Data Access and Confidentiality Policy

This policy regulates data access and confidentiality in the systems managed by ITD for ITD personnel in particular and UPH employees in general.

  1. All data in the system and processed by the UPH IT are the property UPH.
  2. Those who can access it are only those who are authorized and have duties in that particular area and those department or units which are managed by ITD UPH.
  3. Those who cannot access are guests, departments, units which are not managed by ITD UPH and those who are not authorized.
  4. The whole process of processing and use of data refers to the article V.c. (IT Policy For UPH User)
  5. It is not permitted to transfer data from the system.
  6. Maintenance process must be accompanied by ITD personnel.
  7. Data confidentiality must be guarded by each authorized employee. It is restricted to keep username or password for important applications, unattended, recklessly (such as, sticky notes on the monitors, etc).
  8. It is authorized to access data for data back-up process purpose.